#One-Liner Wednesday – Himself does Psychology!

We’ve moved recently. I’m mostly sorted, but my office is still a bit of a work-in-progress while I try to balance it’s different uses. Previously I had a corkboard where I pinned stuff – medical appointment letters, important things I mustn’t lose and such like. I also had a noticeboard where I mostly stuck nice things – old pictures, silly stuff I like, random do-dads like the bells from chocolate Easter bunnies (don’t ask).

I’ve lost my corkboard, as it stuck to the wall and had to be cut away (horrors), so now I only have the noticeboard. While I decide how to use it, it’s temporarily leaning up against the wall on the side of my desk.

Until it wasn’t …

I sat perplexed. I looked down the side of my desk thinking it must have fallen down there – nope. I looked down the back of the desk in case by some freak chance it had fallen there – nope. While this was going on, Himself was telling me about his day, having just arrived home from work. Standing in the doorway to my office, he was watching my eyes darting around, seeing me get up and rummage around my desk.

Eventually he asks “what’s up?”
“My noticeboard’s gone!” I reply.
“Nope, it’s right here” he says, pointing at it where it’s leaning against the bookcase … right behind me.
“Huh!” says I, “How’d it get there?”
“I moved it when I had to do stuff with the router” says he, “but (and here it comes) …

I left it in plain sight – it’s not like I was trying to torchlight you!”

Later, still choking on my tea ‘cos of laughing so much, I tell him that it’s gaslighting – from the famous old black & white film. Much silliness then followed with torches ‘n stuff.

But one thing I’m confident about is we all know how I’m going to struggle to refer to it as anything other than torchlighting from now on, don’t we? I’m doomed I tell you …

2019-20-1linerweds-badgeThis is my first #one-liner Wednesday post.

Thank you to Ally Bean for introducing me to the concept and to Linda G Hill for the fantastic prompt  and graphic.


Here’s Linda’s rules :

1. Make it one sentence.
2. Try to make it either funny or inspirational.
3. Use the unique tag #1linerWeds.
4. Add her lovely badge for extra exposure.
5. Have fun!


© Debra Carey, 2019

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  1. I’d only recently taught it to Himself, so I was pleasantly surprised he remembered the premise if forgot the right name! 🙂

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