Welcome to Debs Despatches!

Firstly, welcome!

When I set up my professional life coaching website, I knew I’d have to keep the content fresh and one way to do that was to write regular blog posts. So, I decided to get some practice in the world of blogging on a separate, throw-away site. That throw-away site was still going three years later … as, despite the initial intention, I enjoy the process of blogging.

Keeping my other “self” away from my professional site seemed important at the time, but less so now, especially as we share a twitter handle. But with one vital caveat: my professional self stays separate – it has to – because confidentiality and trust are crucial to the coaching relationship. I do not – ever – discuss clients and their personal details. If I talk about aspects of coaching, especially if I blog about those aspects, I use my own personal experiences. It’s a fine line to tread as I don’t always want to write about me, me, me … equally, I will not write about you – my client.

Authors, public figures, yes I write about them – and most would be offended if we didn’t!

From that Twitter account – where I got this site’s name – you’ll find I mostly post bits of fiction, (sometimes bits as short as 140 characters of my works-in-progress), interesting articles I’ve read, commentary/discussion on authors/books, rugby and the teams I support, art shows, photography, politcs – both UK and worldwide, even random bits of TV, nothing is off-limits really. I tweet nothing I wouldn’t say in person and, of course, everything I tweet is my personal opinion.

I have aspirations as a writer. I’m learning the craft and practicing like mad. I enjoy meeting – either in real life or virtually – other writers, published or not. It’s a community I enjoy, find inspirational, supportive and just plain fun.

I’m as old as the hills and have lived a lot. But I’ve got lots more planned. Whether yours is a pint, a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or green tea – pull up a seat and join me!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Debs Despatches!

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  1. Looks good; nice and clean, not distracting from the content. I object to ‘as old as the hills’, though, given I am only three years behind you and NOT OLD AT ALL.


  2. Ah, I must’ve written this on the day that damned notice arrived suggesting I might like to fiddle around with my effluent. If you’re just a young stripling, I can’t be any worse than middle aged …

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