Random snaps

I take pictures. I’m no great photographer, but I enjoy it, and I spend time trying to learn about my craft and practising. A little selection of my snaps follows, together with a bit of background info …

A sunny afternoon on the East Sussex coast …

Icy woods from earlier this year …

Some spring foliage …

Hastings sea front and a march …

Some low-light photography …

And finally, my back garden …


A (very) long way from the best photograph I’ve taken but, in my defence, the photo was taken through my (decidedly grubby) windows! And how could I resist capturing a deer in my urban garden?


© Debra Carey 2017

2 thoughts on “Random snaps

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  1. The photos look pretty good to me! I have a local beach, but it’s not as dramatic as yours. What was the parade about?
    I’d be worried if I found a deer wandering around in my street. Feral deer are not unknown in some parts of our state – idiots from England brought some for venison purposes in the old days, before anyone understood about the environment, along with foxes and – ack! – rabbits! – but not where I live. We do sometimes see possums, which belong here, but have a tendency to take a bite of my mother’s apples. She says she wouldn’t mind so much if they ate the whole apple. Urban foxes turn over rubbish bins, but I haven’t seen any yet.

    But a very pretty picture!


  2. Thanks Sue. Sadly, all beaches are an hour’s drive but we do have a good variety of everything from sandy and easy going, to rather more lively. My preference (when with camera) is always for the latter, but a day lazing about is better on the former.

    Us English are responsible for so much during our days of colonialism (I was born & raised in India, so am well used to feeling that particular form of guilt!)

    The parade was being led by the photographed group of beer drinkers and drummers (!) who have regular get togethers in the area but, on this instance, were leading a march in support of a local lad who’d been seriously injured.


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