V-day …

I spotted the carving on the rocks at Seaford in East Sussex this weekend and I wondered … did Kathryn say yes? Are they married now? And who was asking the question, ‘cos there’s no name other than Kathryn.

Nearby, I found some of these fish.
IMGP3180-1They’re new since our last visit and I checked them all for a Kathryn – but without luck. I don’t suppose I’ll ever find out the outcome, but it did make me smile. Especially as it’s a nice contrast with the nearby fish-benches, covered with memorial plaques.

As we visit often, I’m thinking of getting one for my Dad. At the moment, “he” is still in his rugby-themed box on the bar in the old house. We were going to place his ashes under the family memorial bench in our local crematorium. But until my Mum decides where she’s going to live once the old house is sold, he remains in the box on the bar.

I like the idea of sitting on the bench, looking out to sea and having a bit of a chat with him. He liked the English seaside too …

Unexpectedly, this post turned out to be about my Dad. But love is so much more than just romantic after all. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone – may you love and be loved by the people in your life – whoever they are.


© Debra Carey, 2018

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  1. Wonderful meandering thoughts here that seem to me to be the essence of Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t all have to be about romance, to be appropriate for VD.

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