Pretty pictures

That’s all I can offer you as I’m busy, busy, busy …

Even more so than usual, as I’ve the added weight of the A-Z Challenge. In my previous life at Bunny and the Bloke I jumped in to blogging largely via the annual April blogfest. Indeed, it was the methodology for my getting know others in the blogging community, before I moved to WordPress and joined Twitter. So, I’m a keen supporter and am proud to have completed the course for the past three years.

The old site is in mothballs now, but even though I’ll not be participating in the Challenge here on my new site, I’ve accepted an even bigger challenge. Two years ago, I suggested to my writing partner and co-host at Fiction can be Fun that he join the challenge too. He did so with great aplomb, and has become a fan of the annual challenge too. But this year he has upped the ante somewhat. Inspired by a wonderful piece of fiction produced by Iain Kelly, he persuaded me to write a story jointly – for the A-Z Challenge on our fiction site.

As you’ve probably surmised, the A-Z bit is key …  The challenge being to produce 26 posts – one post per day of the alphabet – in strict alpha order. No post is required on the last three Sundays of the month, but on every single day otherwise. Some bloggers just write anything that comes to mind for that day’s letter, but others like the additional layer of complexity of writing to a theme. We’re one of those … and our theme is the Nato Phonetic Alphabet – you know Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta …

We were so excited about the prospect months ago when we were batting ideas back and forth. Then time marched on, as it is wont to do and now, here we are, with just a few days to April the 1st. Some of the posts are written, some are sketchily planned out. I anticipate much burning of midnight oil, together with very necessary mollifying of long-suffering other halves.  But do I regret taking on the challenge? Nope, not for one minute.

I’ve done a little bit of planning and have some posts scheduled to cover my usual April schedule – even if I forgot how busy I’d be in the run-up (duh). Maybe I can persuade you to come read some of our stuff once April starts – go on, give us a click.

For now, I’ll just offer you these pretty pictures taken recently …



Can you tell I was trying to cheer myself up with tulips? We really don’t do snow where I live …

© Debra Carey, 2018

4 thoughts on “Pretty pictures

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  1. Oooooohh yes. And if Q isn’t a tricky one already, we have Quebec …


  2. Definitely happy to have you here at WordPress! All the best bloggers use it, except for the ones at other blogging platforms who are also very nice.

    You guys are doing a great job over at Fiction can be fun!

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  3. I told you April was going to send me ga-ga, I totally missed your reply. I am also very happy to have moved to WordPress. Both my sites were at Weebly and whilst had great options for desktop prettification, the mobile conversions really didn’t match up. I put off the move for a while (all that work going to waste) but I’m very glad that I decided to complete the switch for them both.


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