Roses at Hever Castle

My mother recently moved from the family home with the cottage garden she’s lovingly tended and creatively developed for decades to an apartment with a small patio, so an outing to Hever Castle (famed for being Anne Bolyn’s family home but also for it’s marvellous gardens) was in order. We’d timed our visit for the roses, although the recent unusually hot weather (for England) made keeping them in their prime a decidedly hard task. But I took a few photos anyway …


There is more to Hever Castle than just roses, of course. There’s italianate gardens, a walled garden, brightly coloured flower beds, sculpture, fountains, a lake, a castle and a moat with ducks, swans and carp. They were even hosting a forties event during our visit. But those pictures are for another day.

© Debra Carey, 2018

6 thoughts on “Roses at Hever Castle

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  1. Oh thanks Sarah, I’ve just jumped over to it’s website and it looks lovely.. Is it relatively flat? My Mum struggles with steps & slopes.


  2. The rose photos are wonderful. I visited Hever Castle in early spring when the gardens were bleak. I remember the castle but missed the rose beauty that you shared here. Thanks for the pics.

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  3. Timing is all, isn’t it, especially with gardens. Did you visit anywhere else interesting whilst you were here?


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