Our new back yard

Having moved last month, we’re now largely settled in. There’s a bit of tinkering to do and I’m still putting up pictures, a couple of every day or so, as I don’t consider a place home until I do. So I was caught out when, after a weekend away, we drove past our old place with still an hour’s driving to go to the new place, yet I had no yearning for the old one. It appears our new place has officially become Home.

Sitting here in my home office, the view is screened by some rather lovely embroidered cotton curtains. Why? Well, ‘cos it’s not pretty. Our previous apartment, despite being in the centre of a small town, had a lovely garden visited by fox, badger and deer, as well as domestic cats a-plenty. Here, there’s a patch of grass and the car park. But, oh my, is it ever peaceful and quiet.

When we go out, the surrounding area is lush and green. The pace of life is wonderfully slow, as is the volume of traffic. There are villages a-plenty to explore, lovely little churches, greens where Sunday cricket is being played, country pubs all over the place, and lots of dogs. It’s a positive incitement to get out and walk.

Two rather lovely touches in our small High Street are a Buddy Bench where you’re invited to sit if happy to engage in conversation with a stranger, and the purple Community Piano. I don’t think its tuning is quite right … but it’s a splendid diversion for small children.

I had a moment of sadness realising we’d missed the bulk of the Summer whilst having to deal with boxes and other moving-related chores, but Autumn (or Fall for readers across the pond) is sure to make up for it. However, we have managed to enjoy some late summer sunshine walking along the canal, before tucking in to a lazy roast lunch at a handily placed pub.

I’ll have to watch myself as I could all too easily slow down so much I become positively comatose!

© Debra Carey, 2019


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  1. Debs,
    Slowing down a bit is positively to be recommended. There is far too frentic rushing about today so that we never really connect with people except through this and other social media. And I am just as bad! This week has been particularly stressful with a car breakdown added to the mix of meetings and other events. (Fortunately it was easily fixed at home).

    Take a book from your TBR mountain, or your camera and on a nice day go and sit by the canal and just BE. Watch the wildlife. Read. Think. Slow down and be refreshed for the daily living. (You could even take a notepad to jot down writings – but don’t make it work!) Oh – and don’t fill the diary with ‘sixty seconds worth of distance run’. Kiping has a lot to answer for there. 🙂


  2. Alan, I’m glad to hear that your car breakdown was (relatively) resolved. Mine is sounding rough, I shall need to find a good local garage – one of the many new service providers I’m seeking out, but I’d better get a move on as I don’t want that to become an emergency decision.

    No matter the length of my to-do list, I have slowed down already. I can feel my shoulders have dropped from their usual up-around-my-ears position already, but I will take your suggestion as if it were a prescription. I did carry a notebook with me the other day when I had a fair bit of time to kill and got some writing done, but as I was sitting by the side of a pond, it didn’t feel like work at all 🙂

    PS: I feel the same way about the edit function (on here and many other places!)


  3. Being around nature is great, isn’t it? I like your photos. While it might seem like you’re doing less, I’m betting that you’ll accomplish more now that you’re in a different place. It’ll just be so much easier for you that you’ll not realize how much you’ve accomplished.

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  4. D’you know Ally, you could be right. I don’t feel negative stress around the to-do list anymore, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the pace picks right up without my really noticing. And yes, being around nature is glorious 🙂 I’m glad you like the photos – I’m hoping the autumn/fall will be a good one for me.


  5. Looks like a lovely new place (and nice there’s a handy pub to boot).

    I understand what you mean about pictures on the wall. We’re in our place just over two years now, and still we have mostly bare walls. My wife is somewhat linear (as I am), and first she needs to finish furnishing each room before she can focus on walls. I always put the pictures up first, so I’m not going to be totally settled here till we have the walls finally decorated. – Marty

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  6. Oh Marty, I feel your pain. It’s taken me longer than I’d like to get pictures up here because I’m not just pleasing myself, this being Himself’s home too (he moved in to my place previously). Interestingly, taking extra time has allowed me to see a wider range of options, so I may try that process again in future (we know this won’t be our final home). Two years would prove a strain for me, but I think I read on your blog there’s a bit of a re-design going on – which could certainly delay things if the pictures are only to be positioned once. I’d love to replace our couch, but that’s a decidedly long term project.


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