1. Boy do I understand that! Been thinking the same thing about taking a blogging break to do some other writing projects. Best of luck with your projects. See ‘ya when I see ‘ya. 🤓

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  2. Thanks Ally, nice to hear you share my feelings. Good luck with your projects & look forward to seeing you on the other side. 🙂


  3. I had a number of posts scheduled, but decided to delay them, although I will probably dip in & out of other blogs for a little light reading. Hope you make progress on your projects too Roland.


  4. I’ve been thinking about taking a short interlude too but it might be better if I wait until later on in the year for that. I hope you make bounds of progress with your projects.

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  5. GJ thank you. I’m a bit all over the place at the moment, so am hoping this break will help me settle into a more productive routine. I hope your break, when it comes, will prove beneficial too.

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