It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….

Well, it was when I first sat down to write this. But then I hit the buffers, and all thoughts of merry & bright dribbled away. But, being someone who’s lived with the ole black dog for a while, I have my methods for recovering – so, even if not brimming with joy, equilibrium has returned, decorations are up, and most of the presents have been wrapped. We’re planning to spend the big day with my daughter and the grandchildren, something very much to look forward to as my granddaughter – at age 4 – is extremely excited about the whole thing, somewhat to the horror of her neat-freak father 😉

One of the things which made my smile return was this snap I took at a recent seasonal market attended by that peculiarly English tradition -a troop of Morris dancers.

I only noticed later that they were named the Rampant Roosters, despite wondering why so many of them appeared to be wearing chicken heads 😉 With the return of Sex and the City, it was inevitable that my mind went to those infamous Rabbits….

The other item which caused me to laugh out loud (behind my mask) was this little treat. While queuing for festive stamps in the post office to affix to my ever so late cards, I was browsing the (non-festive) cards, and there it was, bold as brass….

😀 😀 😀

May I thank you for your company during this less than perfect year and I hope you get to spend the holiday season in the way you’ll enjoy the most 🙂 I look forward to seeing you again in 2022.

© Debra Carey, 2021

8 thoughts on “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….

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  1. I’m going to need to watch some Morris Dancing now. Or roosters.

    Last year Christmas felt pretty flat, but we all knew why. There was solidarity in its suckiness. This year seems a little cheerier for most people. I have some siblings in the mountains and some in the tropics, but it is a little depressing to be the one staying at home.

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  2. Autumn, sorry to hear you found the prospect of Christmas staying at home to be depressing. I hope it turned out loads better. I know just what you mean about it being tougher when we’re not all in it together. I struggled last year as a considerable number of my friends simply ignored the regulations, while we took the cautious route even before they were imposed in law. Oh for a return to being able to choose whether to be sociable or stay-at-home.

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  3. Thanks Ally, I hoped it might make other people chuckle too. Hope it’s been a Happy & Merry one for you & Z-D. Himself & I enjoyed a lively time with the grandchildren, even if we missed the littlest one deciding it was time to start walking in the hours after we left! 😀 But we’ve also enjoyed the quiet time at home since.

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  4. Thanks for the sympathy. It turned out okay, and honestly, still pretty fortunate and privileged. Spouse brought down the fryer and made us some fantastic food. We had a few folks over on our patio and managed to stay safe and be social. Now we’re pretty locked down by rain and omicron, though.

    Did the spirit of Christmas win out over the neat freak?

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  5. The spirit of Christmas won out over the neat freak beautifully. She started the day in one Frozen costume and managed to change into a second one, spending the whole day in Frozen boots (some sort of cowboy-ish boot in pale sparkly blue). She was fabulous! As was her little brother – who adores her – and waited until she’d gone to sleep before taking his first steps. He couldn’t be persuaded to try earlier as he has too much fun with her 😀

    Glad to hear you were spoilt cuisine-wise. Sorry to hear about the rain (and the Omicron). We had similar – I’ve never seen such consistently and persistently grey skies, even here in rainy old England.

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