Let me tell you what I want, what I really really want…

I was inspired to put this together by one of the responses in LA’s post, which contained a list of items attributed to Nora Ephron of what she’d miss (and not miss) after her death. Carefully avoiding the clichéd World Peace, or the obvious of a happy and healthy life for those I love, this is more of a random selection from a lady who’s made it into her sixties and is still seeking….

  • More bra fitters who know what they’re doing, because this woman deserve comfort and support without having to travel to Selfridges in the central London to get it!
  • More clothes in natural fibres which aren’t break the bank expensive
  • For there to be only one, universally recognised shade of navy (sub-sets of navy would be acceptable but, again, they would have to be universally recognised shades)
  • Straps for a sleep apnoea mask which won’t leave tram tracks deeply etched across my face
  • A different process to the mammogram for breast screening – something with the comfort factor a man would design for his own bits
  • More stars in the standard book rating system (10 would do nicely)
  • Planes with bigger seats and more leg room as standard
  • An effective fix for hay fever which won’t put me to sleep
  • Calorie free cold beer that actually tastes good
  • High speed broadband in rural Tuscany
  • Small and light full or medium-frame cameras and lenses
  • T4 to reinstate the quantity of cardamom pods in their Chai
  • A filter for log burners so they don’t negatively affect air quality
  • New technology resulting in a massive cut to the price of electric cars
  • More (lots, lots more) electric car charging points
  • Some mythical method whereby writers are well recompensed, but books are also cheaper to buy
  • Demystification of SEO & social media algorithms
  • A way to make a dull (but healthy) vegetable taste like hot buttered sourdough toast

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s what I came up with in one sitting. Over to you now….

What is missing in your life which you’d really rather like to have fixed?

© Debra Carey, 2022

22 thoughts on “Let me tell you what I want, what I really really want…

Add yours

  1. LA, the one when I had a combined mammogram and biopsy was the most “interesting” as it looked like a sewing machine crossed with a standard mammogram. The standard biopsy brought up a negative result, but the doctor who reviewed my mammogram’s result was confident I had it – and she was right. I didn’t find that one as bad oddly, which was probably the adrenalin.

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  2. Alan, oh yes – especially when they all fade to slightly different shades of grey. I’m in midst of a move from black to navy, hence the angst ! 😀


  3. I’ve no personal desires for chocolate Alan, but I’d add my voice to that as the good stuff is such a wonderful mood lifter.


  4. Autumn, I cannot believe I forgot this one. Clearly that was one of the days I was wearing pockets and so wasn’t being driven crazy by their lack. Yesterday was not one of those days and I was decidedly ratty by its end! 😀

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  5. I’m with you on “one, universally recognised shade of navy.” Please make it so.

    In answer to your question: I’d like our mail delivery to be at a predictable time of day. Don’t care what time it is, just that I could look at a clock and know whether the mail has arrived. As it is now, we get our mail anytime from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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  6. Ally, I’m soooo glad you agree with me on navy. I’d have converted my wardrobe from black to navy YEARS ago if this had been so. It’s a nightmare co-ordinating navies (navys?), so it’s never happened. I have navy dresses, but gave up attempting to buy shoes which matched.

    We’re fortunate in that once they break someone new in to our mail delivery round, it tends to be pretty predictable. You have my sympathies that it isn’t so for you.

    After this weekend, I’d like to add “all mobile phone masts to have emergency power generators”. A storm knocked out our small town’s power and took all mobile services with it. As they’ve recently withdrawn landline services to parts of the area (us included), it meant there was no methodology for calling emergency services for most of this past weekend. Fortunately we didn’t need them, but I’m not happy to discover that mobile phone masts don’t have backup power arrangements. Himself tells me he did know – and he got one of those “and you decided not to share that knowledge with me” retorts. I suspect it was accompanied by one of my most fierce looks, as I’m a bit grumpy at present.

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  7. LA, I couldn’t agree more. It’s easy to see how someone in a more vulnerable mindset would be traumatised by the experience.


  8. I’m in awe. What an excellent list!

    I would love to have a bra that not only holds me up but doesn’t hurt by 4 pm. I’ve yet to find a fitter or a bra that could do that for me.

    I’ve sort of given up on navy blue. Brown is a nice change from black, but browns are even more varied. I’m not asking for a standard brown, just being able to find browns that look good together.

    Logs in the fireplace and electric cars. There’s so much I’ve come to enjoy that’s bad for the environment. Hot showers and a warm house, for example. I guess the young people will have to invent substitutes. My granddaughter is working on it.

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  9. Oh thank you 🙂 It just seemed to flow… clearly I was in the right frame of mind for writing it. I suspect almost everyone could nominate a colour they’d like to find in more consistent shades. Growing up we always used the paint names for colour (my Mum also painted), so that’s probably why I find it so frustrating now.

    Good to hear that your granddaughter is working on it. My daughter is an avid eco-fiend. I am so proud of how young people are working so hard for the future of all.


  10. Oh, I agree with most of those! IA larger range of bra sizes as well. And there’s no need to have to get a bank loan to buy one.

    I especially like your last one. I’d make many things taste like hot buttered toast.

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  11. I’m also proud of young people and their efforts to save the environment. Like your daughter, my granddaughter is one of them. After college, she chose to work for a company that’s dedicated to energy conservation. She could afford to buy a car. Instead she walks everywhere or takes the bus.

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  12. Zazzy, I seem to remember I’d just polished off some hot buttered sourdough toast, while knowing I had a plate of healthy vegetables waiting for me to eat. I love vegetables most times, but that toast triggered something rebellious in me 😉

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  13. Snap Nicki, my daughter is the same. I tried to do likewise some years ago, but living rurally in this part of the UK there is absolutely no reliable public transport. So I keep my car choice to small & as low impact as I can. I really want to go electric or hybrid, but the prices are out of my range for now.

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  14. Being too old to do as much walking as my granddaughter does, my tactic is to avoid unnecessary trips.


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