I wish I could continue that famous Gershwin tune to say … and the living is easy but, in reality, there’s lots going on, a passion project to push forward, big family stuff happening and my well is running low. So, it’s time for some time off to replenish, to try and pull back some me-time, some self-care time amongst all the busyness.

Thank you all for your company so far this year, and I hope you’ll be enjoying some rest, relaxation and recreation wherever you are. I’m planning an early September return, all things going according to plan, but don’t hold me to it!

Till then 🙂

© Debra Carey, 2022

14 thoughts on “Summertime…

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  1. Autumn, I wish I could claim to being so, but it all just hit me this morning, so I re-scheduled all my posts for next month! Enjoy the summer 🙂


  2. Thank you Jane, and the same to you – you seem to be going through a challenging & sad time.


  3. I love that song. The tune is relaxing. The words are evocative–“the livin’ is easy, the fish are jumpin’ …” And there’s a baby in need of rocking. Summer is great time to take some time off. Enjoy.

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  4. Nicki, it’s one of my all times favourites – especially when it’s Ella & Louis performing. Thank you 🙂


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