Random stuff I’ve got on my phone…

I tend to snap things with my phone’s camera – sometimes because I don’t have a proper camera with me, sometimes as a reminder to follow something up or track down more details later, or to capture an idea because I want to use it in a piece of writing or social media.

Previously, it was a place where things went to die because I never remembered to check my camera roll. But, after meeting a professional declutterer, it’s now one of my regular tasks to go through it and clear it out. But, inspired by another of Kari’s regular series, I decided to share a few random items…

I just love this! It describes what I do and what I’m passionate about… and is the perfect depiction of how much work is involved in this process.

As a reader, and not a great lover of wedding hoopla, this sounds like my kinda celebration…

I saw this in a local art gallery. It’s a kooky piece by architect/designer Ron Arad, and I snapped it because it made me grin. It has no purpose on my phone other than to make me smile, but has earned a permanent place on that basis alone πŸ™‚

I like a bit of hippy-dippy stuff, but I also like those who are secure enough to make themselves – and their passion – the butt of jokes πŸ˜€

I recently read Madly Deeply: The diaries of Alan Rickman. The entry on 12 April about Sharon Stone struck an uncomfortable chord…

This is another item which has bought its permanent place on my phone because of sheer frivolity!

This is an extract from Wintering by Katherine May – a book given to me by my daughter. Its had a mixed reception, garnering some criticism for the fact the author was financially able to take the time to withdraw and heal. While not everyone is in the fortunate position to be able to do so, I don’t believe that fact invalidates the importance of the message. This piece on toxic positivity certainly resonated…

In days of yore, a big centre piece wedding was often a set of silver cutlery. My parents have two sets – one of their own, and one which used to belong to my father’s parents – so were awash in silver cutlery. A handyman fashioned this set of key hook from a set of fancy fish forks. I removed the multiple set of car keys to take the picture, although the photographer in me has itching eyeballs because my phone snap is both crooked and contains a bit of the (irrelevant) toaster in it. The bonus is that posting this serves as an excellent reminder that I must go to my mother’s empty apartment to pick this up and find a place to put it up in my apartment.

This selection of items does provide a fairly good snapshot into the me that I am. Do you have similar items on your phone? Are there any you’d be willing to share? Or do you have somewhere else that you keep things like these?

15 thoughts on “Random stuff I’ve got on my phone…

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  1. I don’t keep things like this, thought they are all worthy. If I see something I like I forward it to one of my friends, sometimes I put it on my blog

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  2. If I see a funny quote, I’ll snap a photo. Yours are all more meaningful and thought-provoking (I like them). I tend to take a ton of scenic photos when I am in New Hampshire. The best photo I ever took of my son was when I was attempting to take a photo of the hills around a NH lake and he photobombed me–grinning like a madman.

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  3. I love all of them, with the exception of Alan Rickman’s entry for that date. Good lord, the audacious thinking. I try to go through my phone regularly also because (a) I’m supposedly paying Apple for the storage, and (b) some things that seemed relevant at the time become less so as the days march forward. Much of what I do snap is potential blog fodder, though the trick is to transfer is to my computer to hopefully “inspire” me. Never easy! – Marty

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  4. LA I’d not kept things on my phone – with intent – until recently, because I was more of a paper & pen sort. But you’ve always got your phone with you these days, so it’s become my storage system. That said, it’s mostly a place where I put stuff until I need it, then get rid of it. But I’ve started to collect things which catch my eye too.

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  5. Autumn, I guess I’m drawn to stuff which are thought-provoking, but there’s no getting away from the fact that I also like the purely silly. I love that your best photo of your son is a photo bomb. That’s the best ever πŸ˜€

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  6. Marty, I wasn’t sure whether to include the Alan Rickman one. I snapped it because it caused a reaction, even if it wasn’t a positive one. I like Alan Rickman, but I struggled with how that entry made me fell. I couldn’t decide if he was being an arse, or making an intelligent observation on how ridiculous the world can be. Still not sure to be honest, but then I’ve never met him so I’ll never know for sure.

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  7. The herbal remedies is fun as is the cat alphabet. I’ve seen those fork key hook holders for sale at art shows and am taken with them, but not enough to buy one. Still…

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  8. Oh yes, I’d not buy a set of those key hooks, but this is free – and I’m already the holder of the matching silver cutlery set since my mother’s departure to the US.

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  9. Wonderful! I’ve got some mad stuff on my phone too. Maybe I’ll write a blog post on it to echo yours.
    Loved the cat alphabet… but then I just love cats.
    My husband would love the spoon key rack. He loves fancy silverware and china.

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  10. Oh I’m so glad that you liked it Rosemary. I was inspired by Kari, so it will be lovely to see another post in the chain of inspiration.

    I’m a cat person too, even though I don’t have a cat at the moment. I’ve a friend who was firmly a cat person… until she got a dog. I cannot believe how much she’s changed as a result. I adore dogs, but I won’t be risking being changed that much any time soon! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for sharing your husband’s love. I felt a little silly about it, so am glad to not be alone in that love.


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