It’s the weekend!

This weekend, Himself & I are visiting a friend in the north. A friend who’s into “Living History” or re-enacting. His particular area of speciality is East German or Russian military, and he’s joining a group of like-minded friends who will be camping out at an old Cold War bunker.

We’ve been before, and we know a fair few of them. There’s the couple who have his & her’s vehicles – East German and in absolutely mint condition, as are their various uniforms. There’s another who’s a bit of a radio hack and who’s visited Chernobyl multiple times. I’m always grateful if he doesn’t press into my hand his latest bit of Chernobyl memorabilia …

There’s the lady who’s collected the most amazing kit for her field hospital. She absolutely buzzes with enthusiasm and, at the bigger shows is a huge draw with the children. This being a smaller show, we’ll get more time to chat, not just about her new finds, but life in general. Each person has a passion for their subject and they’re all avid collectors, proudly sharing what’s new and different each time they meet up.

It’s an unusual world, not one I’d be drawn to, not least because it involves CAMPING. But I wander round taking pictures, except they rarely see the light of day as I’m uncertain about their reception. Especially as there’s recently been negative press recently relating to those re-enactors who’ve chosen to represent WWII Germans – the SS in particular. So, I go to see the people I know and like, and make use of the fact that re-enactors are generally such willing models that I get to practice and develop my photographic skills on them.

© Debra Carey, 2018

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