Monday morning – recovery time?

Oh how hard they can be – especially when you’ve had a particularly enjoyable weekend – whether that be of the wild party or the quiet restful sort. Sometimes I’m physically exhausted after tramping around the countryside with a camera, so am ready for a little break behind my desk.

A run to the West Country for the day to take pictures in a part of the world Himself knows well, was one such occasion. An action packed day as we scouted locations for golden hour and sunset photos – shuttling between Portland Bill, the Sculpture Park, Chesil Beach and … um … a graveyard. Although most of it was planned by Himself with his insider knowledge, I was guilty for the latter – I spotted the spire against the sky and it looked … interesting.

Here’s some shots. First the Sculpture Park – it being Portland Bill, all in Portland stone …

Then “that” church graveyard …

A couple at Portland Bill …

Finally, Chesil Beach from above …

And the Olympic rings? The 2012 London Olympic sailing venue was just below and, as the sunset was a tad disappointing, I hoped they’d add a little something extra.

© Debra Carey, 2018

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