On Hiatus for April A-Z

I’m taking part in the April A-Z blogging challenge on my life coaching site. The challenge is one I’ve taken part in many times before, but have usually been wise enough to prepare my posts in advance. This time, the decision was very last minute, meaning I need to take some time out.

I hope you get to enjoy some beautiful spring sunshine wherever you are, and I look forward to seeing you in May 🙂

© Debra Carey, 2022

12 thoughts on “On Hiatus for April A-Z

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  1. I wish you well in this endeavour Debs. Is it going to be ‘stream of consciousness’ or,something more thematic? I’ll try and catch up with your posts during April.

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  2. A bit of both Alan to be honest. I’m now considering putting a post up on here with links to the life coaching site’s blog, that way any visitors here can read & comment – but only if they’d like to.


  3. Thanks Ally, yes – it’s downright hard work! But I’ve always enjoyed it, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they won’t get burned this time 😀

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  4. Thanks Autumn. It’s on a different site, but I’m considering putting up a post with links to the other site’s blog. No pressure to read or comment, but it’ll be there.

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  5. Aw shucks, thanks Marty! They are hard work, but a really effective way of getting stuff done – and usually most enjoyable. I’ve met some really interesting bloggers that way, and some great writers.


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