An A-Z Journey through Relationship Coaching for mature women

As mentioned, while on hiatus from Debs Despatches, I’ve been taking part in a blogging challenge with my new Life Coaching site. I recently decided to pivot my business to relationship coaching and, in order to raise the Google ranking of my site, I set out to write some blogs posts. Having taken part in a few A-Z blogging challenges before, my mind kept turning to the A-Z structure – so I decided to leap in and take part.

As some of you expressed an interest, I’ve linked my posts below. I decided to post this outside of my usual schedule so it’s easily ignored if that’s not you πŸ™‚ But, while my coaching site is aimed at mature women returning to the world of dating, the thoughts or comments of all – regardless of gender identity, relationship status, or age – are most welcome. Any feedback or suggestions for future topics would also be most welcome, although I certainly won’t be blogging with this level of frequency again πŸ˜€ – as it’s far too demanding. If you prefer to communicate privately, you’re welcome to email me on

A: It’s All About You
B: Because humour matters: do yours match?
C: Confidence: do you really have it, or are you conning everyone?
D: Dating diary – you don’t have to be Bridget Jones to keep one
E: Happy Ever After – is it what you really want?
F: Friends – friend zoned? Friends with benefits? Your best friend?
G: Good looks: how much do they matter?
H: Happiness: what does that look like for you?
I: Independence: how much do you want to keep?
J: Just Divorced: snap ’em up, or avoid?
K: Kink: If it’s you thing, should you share it?
L: Love Bombers: why they’re dangerous
M: Money – it can’t buy you love
N: Never gonna give you up (or Obsessional Love)
O: Oh, don’t make it all about my parents!
P: Past Patterns: are they working for you?
Q: Questions: there’s no need for an interrogation
R: RESPECT: ‘cos Aretha’s not just the Queen of Soul
S: Shooting Fish in a Barrel
T: Not before the Third Date!
U: The value of good matching Underwear
V: Values – Do they match?
W: Tell me When (or Quando, Quando, Quando)
X: The eX Factor
Y: Was that a Yawn?

Z: It’s a Zoo out there!

Many thanks – normal service resumes here on Star Wars day πŸ™‚

Β© 2022, Debs Carey

6 thoughts on “An A-Z Journey through Relationship Coaching for mature women

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  1. Thanks Ally. That’s exactly what I was aiming with my titles (to make Google take notice), although some were a lot easier to come up with than others. I had a lot of fun finding appropriate quotes for each post too.

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  2. Thanks Zazzy, that’s kind of you. The topics came to me fairly quickly, although I did change a 2-3 of them once it came time to writing them up. The writing took time too, but it was more a matter of clearing my schedule in order to get them done. I did also put some time aside to visit others doing the challenge, and that took almost as much time, although there were a number of people whose contributions I missed as I had too much to keep up with. If you’ve not tried the April A-Z challenge, it’s quite fun, so long as you plan (and even write & schedule) the bulk of posts in advance, as you can then just handle the comments and visit other bloggers.

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