An A-Z of gratitude for 2022

I was so inspired by Marty at Snakes in the Grass by his regular Thanksgiving A-Z of gratitude, that I did one last year, and I see no reason not to repeat it again this year 🙂

A is for Autumn – my favourite season of the year. In my mature years, I’ve struggled with the extreme temperatures of summer so, as they start to drop and I can begin to snuggle with cozy socks, scarves and blankets, I’m in clover. I adore the colours of autumn, it’s like Mother Nature’s dressed up specially to look extra gorgeous in photographs.

B is for Blogging – which gives me so much joy. It’s not just in the writing of the posts (although this gives me much pleasure and is something I’d struggle to give up), but the community of fellow bloggers who provide education, entertainment, amusement, and wonderful interaction, all of which means so much to me.

C is for Chiropractic – which is a practice I know not everyone considers positively. I certainly didn’t initially, but they now form a key part of my medical support team. My chiropractors are gentle and holistic, and they genuinely do keep me upright and able to keep on keeping on.

D is for my daughter – the list of superlatives I could use for her is probably endless. She’s a joy and was the making of me, she gave me every grey hair I have – but I loved every minute of her teenage years and she’s just gone on getting better and better with age ❤

E is for Essential Oils – of which I have a bucket load. I first became interested in these when a friend trained to become an aromatherapy masseuse. I’ve always had an interest in alternative therapies, and was fascinated by the impact of smell, and the impact of emotions on my ability to smell. I’ve currently got Peppermint oil on my desk to energise me, and use others for a whole host of different purposes.

F is for fresh Flowers – my life was transformed when I persuaded myself not to wait for someone to buy them for me, but to get the flowers I want, when I want them. It’s one of life’s small pleasures and one that has a positive impact on my mental well-being.

G is for Grandchildren – of course I speak as a proud grandparent, but they really are fabulous. My daughter and son-in-law are doing a brilliant job with two energy laden cuties, and I love every moment I get to spend with them.

H is for Honda – my dull, but ever reliable, “granny car”! It continues to do exactly what it says on the tin, and is rapidly persuading me of the benefits of an automatic gearbox. Even after I get a new knee, there’s every chance I’ll not convert back.

I is for Ink – although I have a pot full of ballpoints, I really like writing with a fountain pen, in ink, on loving fresh, crisp paper. Fountain pens and multi-coloured inks go together very well with my overindulged passion for notebooks. Other than the standard black and blue inks – I have magenta and a bright jade green. I will be deciding on which one to indulge in next soon to pop into my Christmas stocking…

J is for Jewellery – although I don’t wear much on a daily basis, this year I’ve acquired 2 pieces which have special meaning to me. The first is a silver chain with pendant embossed with the word ‘Change’ to celebrate my life coaching. The second was an unexpected offering of a lovely pearl choker from my mother just before she left for the US. The pearls are old, and have a gorgeous slightly pinkish lustre. I’ll enjoy wearing them on special occasions.

K is for Kindle – I absolutely adore books, sadly I will never have a home large enough to put all that I own on bookcases, so an e-reader releases the pressure by holding all my fiction. I am coming to love it more and more as the years go by.

L is for LinkedIn – yeah, I never thought I’d say that either. I am not a fan of networking, and absolutely hated it the first time I signed up for it – but this time, I’ve managed to find my people. Of course, come this time next year I may feel differently, but right now…. I’m warmly disposed.

M is for Music – for a little while I fell out of love with it, preferring to work in peace & quiet, but I’ve fallen back in love with it as the backdrop to my daily life. I’m not a fan of streaming services, I like to listen to what I like, so I will be earmarking a time to work out a new way to do this. Probably in 2023.

N is for Notebooks – I’ve already spoken of my addiction to notebooks. They sit in piles all around my office. I just love opening a new one and writing in it with one of my ink pens. But I always fear I’m going to ruin it by making a mess. I want them to be perfect 😀 After they’ve hung around a while, I get over myself and just get on with using them for the purpose they were designed for!

O the Great Outdoors – I’m not a gym bunny, never have been I’m afraid, although my old bones would probably prefer that I had! But I love to walk, to be outdoors and breathe the fresh air. I don’t even need it to be somewhere beautiful, I’ll happily pound pavements just to get the blood flowing, and the mind working on some issue or other while I talk to myself. Of course, somewhere with beautiful nature to enjoy is lovely, but just being outside is all it takes.

P is for Photography – I’m a keen amateur photographer, but it’s not my photographs I’m grateful for. I’ve long been a fan of art, but am gaining a greater appreciation for the artistry in photography. I’m visiting an exhibition of work from Eve Arnold during her time with Picasso at a local gallery, and am very much looking forward to it.

Q is for Questions – and, for a change, these are ones being directed at me rather than me directing them at my clients, because I’ve been working with a couple of coaches this year. I hope (or do I mean plan) to be working with one coach or another for the foreseeable, as it’s really helping me to develop as a person, a coach, and with the many and varied skills you need to be in business as a solopreneur.

R is for Reading (of course) – my constant companion throughout my life has been a book. I’m trying to remember a time when books weren’t in my life, and I cannot. My father was an avid readers, and my mother also read during my childhood (although I now realise that was as a result of boredom rather than for the love of it, as she stopped reading upon moving to the UK where she found a supply of constant TV). Those children who took after my father (3 out of 4) are all avid readers, and the sight of piles of books all round my daughter’s house is one which makes me smile each time I see it.

S is for Sarcasm – a family trait and one I’ve missed. In the years since my father died and the family has spread its wings, my siblings and I haven’t spent much time together. After a day spent in my mother’s apartment having her things packed up for shipping to the US, we went out for a late lunch afterwards. We fell into a comfortable pattern of in-jokes, laughter and sarcasm – lots & lots of lovely sarcasm, all said with the safe knowledge of shared love.

T is for Tea – a once was confirmed coffee drinker, I’m now a total tea convert. Himself and I regularly visit a small artisan outlet for my tea, and I enjoy checking out the options to add something new to my daily habit. My standards are Earl Grey, Chai and Peppermint.

U is for Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain – their performance of ‘Wuthering Heights’ still makes me chuckle. I apologise to fans of Kate Bush – honestly, I do 😉 and if you are one, you may prefer not to click on the link…

V is for Values – living a life that honours your personal values makes you a happier person. While compromises are a necessary part of a life lived with other people, constantly having to set aside your governing principles and values can drain you and tip you into poor mental health. Himself and I have very different personalities, a huge gulf in our past life experiences, and very few shared interests, but the longer we are together, the more those shared values shine through and prove their worth.

W is for Writing – something I came to late in life (after my 50th birthday), it’s become so central to my emotional well-being and mental health. Prior to that, I’d only written essays and business documents – and while I did both well, they only offered a tiny amount of satisfaction. Starting to write, first as a cross between journalling/article writing, before moving to blogging and finally writing fiction, has changed my life for the better. I love how the words pour from my fingers, sometimes without apparent conscious thought.

X requires me to cheat a bit so I’ve chosen miX – in a world where there’s so much ‘othering’ of people who are not the same as we are – for reasons of race, creed or culture – I vote for living in a happy mix.

Y is for YouTube – where Himself and I find many a helpful ‘how to’ instructional guide, together with plenty of entertainment and diversion. It’s extremely useful as we don’t subscribe to Netflix or other streaming platforms, and nor do we miss them.

Z is for Zoos – and although I am conflicted over the capture and caging of wild animals, I am grateful for being able to see beautiful Red Pandas, and to take a billion photos of these adorable creatures.

Is there something you’re especially grateful for this year? If you decide to do an A-Z of your own, do tag me (and Marty!)

© Debra Carey, 2022

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  1. You have a fun list here. Nothing better than the alphabet to get your mind geared for writing. Leave it to Marty to come up with this idea.

    I, too, have a “Honda – my dull, but ever reliable, ‘granny car!'” I love her very much. I like and thrive around questions, abstract or literal, I’m with you on that. Not sure what to make of a former coffee drinker turned “total tea convert.” Kind of blows my mind, but you do you, boo.

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  2. Oh, I agree with almost everything on your list, from being conflicted about zoos to autumn being the best season. I love physical books, too, and was at the library almost weekly, but have been exclusively Kindle since the pandemic.

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  3. Ally, I *adore* coffee and drank so much of it in my early years that my digestive system made it absolutely clear to me that I had to cease and desist, or pay the penalty. I don’t do drugs, but in order to avoid the damage becoming an ulcer, that’s one I had to give way on. Moving to loving tea has been a slow and tortuous journey. I do enjoy the occasional de-caff coffee (I know, it’s an absolute aberration).

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  4. When we moved here, the first thing I did was to sign up to the local library. Sadly, that joy didn’t last long, and I’ve slipped back to my Kindle too. That said, I rather like the notion that I *could* re-read a book I’ve particularly enjoyed. I can’t think of many I have done, but…. you know how it goes with notions 😉

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  5. These types of blog posts are enjoyable for me since they allow me to get to know other bloggers better. You have inspired me to create my own.

    I particularly loved this quote about your daughter: “She’s a joy and was the making of me, she gave me every grey hair I have – but I loved every minute of her teenage years and she’s just gone on getting better and better with age.”

    LOVE. ❤️

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  6. Thanks so much Jane ❤ I'm so thrilled I read Marty's a couple of years back as I've really enjoyed doing them and plan to make it a yearly endeavour (as much as I plan anything blog-wise!)

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  7. Aw Janet, thank you – glad (and not surprised) that we share much. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving despite having caught the dreaded!

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  8. Oh I’m absolutely delighted you feel inspired to do these too – I’m thinking I may be “getting inspired” by some of your ideas too.

    And thanks so much for the kind words about my girl – always my girl, even though now a fully grown woman with children of her own and turning 40 this year! ❤

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  9. I’m so late to the party here! I love your list, Debs! Your “H” for Honda could/should be my “T” next year for my Toyota — boring, and the dent in the back makes it ugly, but so reliable. I can’t ever imagine selling it. I think I bought the wrong Kindle a few years back, and I sadly didn’t like mine. But I should maybe think of upgrading and trying a new version. I love that you mentioned V for values and your reasons. Great list! – Marty

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  10. I love this gratitude list, Debs. Today I am most grateful for my retirement and the flexibility it has given me to spend a Saturday blogging, reading, puzzling, and just generally taking it easy without guilt, because I know I have the rest of the week to “get things done.” I can’t resist adding that I am also grateful for loved ones, good health, a comfortable home, plenty of food, clean water, indoor plumbing, and so many other things! Thank you for inspiring this little gratitude practice.

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  11. You have a wonderful list, Debs. I share many of the same things to be thankful for. Noteworthy are D and G, my three daughters and three grandchildren.

    On Thanksgiving, we go around the table with our thanks. It’s always lots of fun. This year, with 9 people, it took us about an hour. We tend to make comments about everyone’s choices. Anyway, it gave us time to have second helpings of pie.

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  12. Marty, I’ve slightly fallen out of love with my Honda at the moment because some swine stole the catalytic converter – cutting it clean off and damaging all kinds of stuff in the process. It’s a known issue round these parts as, apparently, they sell them for the scrap metal. But, I’m sure I’ll get over myself (so long as they don’t do it again). V had to be for values now that I’m a life coach – I’d be drummed out of the society for sure otherwise! Good luck with a new Kindle. Or you could try the Kindle app on a tablet instead.

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  13. Thank you Cherryl. Although I’ve always had American family and friends, it’s a relatively new thing for me.

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  14. That’s a fabulous list Christie – bits of me stuff, together with the practical and the loved ones. I love a gratitude practice, and was so thrilled to see Marty’s A-Z for Thanksgiving as I also love an A-Z list!


  15. Oh my, your round table Thanksgiving sounds wonderful, and I especially love that you comment on each others choices 🙂 Perfect for many helpings of fabulous pie!


  16. Tiresome. I believe Toyotas are the other prime target. May both our Japanese cars remain safe (as well as loved).

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