If I were a…

Thank you to Ally for the inspiration of an old style blogging topic. I had a little fun by adding a bit of why I choose it πŸ™‚

If I were….

  • a month I’d be September (the heat of summer is past, there’s the chance of blue skies, gorgeous sunshine, pleasantly warm temperatures and the rugby season starts)
  • a day I’d be Sunday (lie-in, late lunch, read the papers)
  • a time of day I’d be 6pm (the work day is done, the evening stretches out ahead full of promise)
  • a font I’d be Ariel (clear, easy to read)
  • a sea animal I’d be a seal (elegant in water, clumsy on land)
  • a direction I’d sound precise (but there’d be a key bit missing which I’ve forgotten πŸ˜‰ )
  • a piece of furniture I’d be a dining table (a place to share food, wine and company)
  • a liquid I’d be an Irish whiskey (almost inevitably leads to conversation)
  • a gemstone I’d be a Sapphire (the colour reminds me of the sea)
  • a tree I’d be a Beech (grey and peeling)
  • a tool I’d be a fountain pen (writing is my skill, so that is my tool)
  • a flower I’d be a tulip (colourful, but not fussy or fancy)
  • an element of weather I’d be gentle sunshine (the sort you get in the Spring, Autumn or Winter)
  • a musical instrument I’d be a saxophone (alto or base – deep warm tones)
  • a colour I’d be Aegean Blue (although you don’t get that colour at the UK seaside, the sea is my happy place)
  • an emotion I’d be content (it’s what I aim to achieve in life)
  • a fruit I’d be an Alphonso mango (tasty and comes from India)
  • a sound I’d be conversation (‘cos that’s what I love to take part in)
  • an element I’d be silver (I used to be gold, but now that I’ve gone grey… although I guess it could be platinum)
  • a car I’d be a nippy, boxy city car (practical rather than fancy)
  • an item of food I’d be freshly baked artisan bread (simple fare, but high end)
  • a place I’d be a library (filled with books and hopefully with a comfortable high-backed leather chair for reading)
  • material I’d be cotton (comfortable, cool, practical)
  • a taste I’d be salty (although not anchovy)
  • a scent I’d be Geranium essential oil (it makes me feel held, and it’s what I do for my clients)
  • a body part I’d be a hand (useful, helpful)
  • a song I’d be sung by Ella Fitzgerald (come on, who wouldn’t?)
  • a bird I’d be a seagull (hanging around the seaside)
  • a gift I’d be carefully thought out to be suitable for the recepient (it’s my superpower)
  • a city I’d be Paris (the 4th arrondissement ideally, but I’d have to up my wardrobe and learn how to speak fluent French or get used to being treated with contempt by Parisians)
  • a door I’d be modern but solid (clean lines and practical)
  • a pair of shoes I’d be expensively comfortable black pumps (now past my 65th birthday, I’ve retired the knee high black f*** me boots)
  • a poem I’d be a limerick (silly and fun)

This was fun – thank you muchly Ally Bean πŸ™‚

Do you fancy giving this a go – if so, do tag me! If not, let me know some of your “if I were a….” choices!

Β© Debra Carey, 2023

16 thoughts on “If I were a…

Add yours

  1. Thank you for the whimsical insights into who you are. I suspect that you would be a bass saxophonist rather than a base one because I think you would play well. I thoroughly appreciate Aegean blue, having viewed that sea from Croatian bluffs. And I love and understand your answers, even when they differ from what mine would have been, because they come from a chronological peer.

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  2. Jane, when I saw Ally’s post I thought I’d put it into the post bank, but I was surprised how much fun I had doing it.

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  3. Michael, that’s exactly what I like about the idea when I saw my fellow blogger post these questions, it brings out stuff about us that we wouldn’t necessarily talk about – the really random stuff – about what makes us uniquely us.


  4. Thanks for mentioning me. I appreciate the shoutout. I like how you upped the game by adding your *why* to your answers. Smart woman, of course I’d expect no less from you.

    I’ve never heard of an Alphonso mango because in my world mangoes come from the freezer section in the grocery store. Who knows what kind they are?

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  5. Thanks for the compliment Ally πŸ™‚

    Alphonso mangoes are gorgeous. They’re small and so, so tasty. I only ever find them on my occasional visit to an Asian grocers, but sometimes I’ll find a mainstream supermarket brand has a juice too. If you see one (fruit or juice), do give them a try. Love the frozen ones for making a sorbet – yum!

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