When they stop adoring you….

The recent period of mourning for HM The Queen created a situation where #TheQueue not only merited a hashtag of it’s own, but news reports a-plenty. One unexpected outcome was that a couple of popular TV presenters were pilloried for jumping the queue – and in the UK, there is no greater sin. Especially, when that “proper” celebrity – ex-England football captain, husband to Posh spice, one David Beckham Esq – refused the offer to be fast-tracked, and queued with everyone else, for over 10 hours no less.

These TV presenters are of the “ah, aren’t they lovely” type. Her pretty, blonde and genuinely nice; him with silver-fox good looks, and generally considered to be an all round nice guy – who survived his public admission of homosexuality (while still very much married) during their daytime show, despite suggestions of less than decent behaviour towards a young male intern. They’ve revelled in their role as the good guys, the ones who could (and would) publicly declaim the less than ideal behaviour of others – such as our past Prime Minister.

Now, the UK still has a surprising number of avid fans of our past Prime Minister, many of who are active on social media. So when they jumped on the bandwagon of the presenters’ fans already calling for their heads…. or whatever the current punishment is for media darlings who fall from grace, it all got a bit loud. There’s even been a petition to have them fired from their prime viewing daytime TV role.

Me, I’m British, I don’t approve of queue jumping, but I’m more in the “tsk tsk” brigade, expecting anyone who can get away with it to do so, rather than being genuinely bothered.

Himself and I watch a variety of regular YouTube contributors, including a British couple who’ve been creating a tiny home from a wreck of a barn in Portugal. We’d been watching a while when they unveiled a town house they’d bought – another project – if a less arduous one than the previous one, before heading off on a month’s holiday to Canada. All was well, until they released a shock post – and a confusing one at that – indicating that their property had been decimated by wildfire. They went on to explain that – some months earlier – they’d bought a third property, somewhere they believed to be their dream home, with extensive land and fruit farm. But, before they’d had a chance “to announce it”, the fire had blazed through, causing extensive damage to the land and fruit farm – although, fortuitously, the house remained untouched. The fire had also blazed through the neighbouring village, where fortunately no lives were lost, but many village properties were beyond repair.

So far, so sad and shocking. But that’s when it all started to go wrong….

Through tears, we were given the story of how this was their most major financial undertaking to date, and how – haltingly and through tears again – their viewers and subscribers could make donations towards re-building their dream. To recap, the house is completely undamaged, it’s the 57 acres of land and fruit farm which took the hit. And it will take time to recover and re-grow, it will also take time and money for the electricity and water infrastructure to be replaced – but they do own 2 other houses and a 5-acre property where they currently live.

Me, I just shrugged, said “they’ve read the room badly” and forgot about it. But it seems many followers and subscribers weren’t taking that apparent expectation lying down. They told them what they thought about their pity party, some of them doing so at length, and some rather harshly – to the extent that all comments were deleted and disabled.

It’s an interesting phenomena, this habit of building up favourites, only to judge them harshly and demand their punishment when they do something perceived to be wrong. The fact that they earn their living by being in the public eye, makes them vulnerable to that self-same public being inclined to believed they’re owed, and so to extract a price. In both cases, the defence made subsequently is that the parties involved have mental health issues, and/or have overcome challenges to get where they are today. All of which is undoubtedly true. On the other side of the equation, neither party have acknowledged they may have been mistaken.

All the parties in these tales appear to be publicly soldiering on – although there has been a suggestion of one mental breakdown and/or suicide attempt.

What’s your view on mis-steps of those in the public eye? Does what they do/say afterwards make a difference? How do you feel about any subsequent fallout?

© Debra Carey, 2022

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  1. I used to see it all the time in the entertainment industry–folks who’ve been elevated by fame and fortune to a bubble of toadies. They think they can do no wrong and lose touch with reality. (This happens in politics, too, especially among rich conservatives who don’t know the cost of gas or milk.)

    I don’t mind watching them get torn to shreds. It’s not literal, after all. Just a reality check.

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  2. Hmmmm. I don’t like cancel culture. I think everyone makes mistakes, and I think we have to take into consideration the whole picture.continual mistakes? I have less compassion. But I also don’t like jumping on people with negative comments. They really don’t help any situation.

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  3. Tater, I was so shocked when I read about it. How over the top is that. Simply cannot understand that type of thinking.

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  4. Autumn, I posted about these two scenarios as they’re similar, if to a differing level of public reach. Himself isn’t keen on the TV folk, and is hugely unimpressed by the behaviour of the couple in Portugal. Especially as there’s been plenty of talk now about their future plans, showcasing the expensive purchases. I’ll admit that made me feel – even more – that they just don’t have the skills to read the room. But she’s the one who’s gone missing and may well have been hospitalised, which I do feel is too big a price to have paid for something that silly. And there’s just soooo many people on YouTube who are getting financial assistance in return for posting about their journey. Although I think that’s crazy, clearly there’s plenty who are keen to do so. Weird!

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  5. Yup, I tend not to feel any personal investment in the behaviour of people in the public eye. I find it odd when people do to be honest. The second couple’s channel is back online, displaying all the new stuff and equipment they’ve bought, and their expensive planned purchases. Still, I’m inclined to just shrug, as there’s a lot of it about on YouTube, and it sounds like it’s cost her her mental health.

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  6. Well, missing is always scary, especially when it’s a woman. But I’m as unimpressed as Himself–seems like greed got the best of them. Also, I am often skeptical of celebrities who get “treatment” or “go to rehab,” when it’s just a PR firm rehabbing their image. You are much kinder than I am, which is definitely a good way to be. 🙂

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  7. I’m suspicious of people who claim something terrible happened to them and they need crowdfunding help. There are certainly times when people honestly do need help, but there have been way too many cases where that sort of thing turned out to be fraud.

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  8. It’s that mental health thing which gets me as I’ve seen her fall apart before, so I know it’s not false. But… they made a major error, and I suspect they lost a lot of listeners and subscribers, and the follow-up action is compounding it. I guess I compare them with some truly blatant YouTubers who have absolutely no shame, and I’m disappointed to see them slipping into the same thing. I think my admitting to “disappointed” means my feeling are not entirely kind 😀

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  9. Yup, exactly James. It smacks of a scam. I don’t think this was one, but I do think it was greedy and grabby. I know lots of YouTubers get huge amounts of funding this way, but that doesn’t make it right. There’s a lovely gay Canadian couple we also watch who’ve asked those of their supporters who’ve paid for super chat facilities on their vlog to stop, because they don’t feel they offer good value on it. They’re my kind of people ❤

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  10. I’m not emotionally invested in most famous people. As a result I don’t take their missteps too seriously, nor do I pay attention to how they repair their images. Maybe I should tune into them more, but public dramas don’t engage me. So I end up with a “you do you, boo” attitude about what happens.

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  11. I’m not sure I’m responding in the way that you’ve asked, Debs. But my reaction to the two situations you’ve shared is more about the total transparency that people are willing to share about themselves now. Either through bragging triumphs (Facebragging?) or exposing their falls, I’m always amazed by just how much is shared — as in TMI to the extreme. In both instances, I guess it’s sort of the point that all of this is public, but I’m still horrified by it all. Doesn’t anyone want privacy anymore? I have a niece who practically tells the world when she’s going to drink her next glass beverage, and follows up with how it was (pics, of course, included).

    Said that guy who blogged/bragged about his kitchen renovation. Okay, maybe I need to look in the mirror. 😉 – Marty

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  12. An interesting post. I like the idea of being part of the tsk-tsk brigade regarding jumping the queue.

    I was always the person in high school who missed out on the gossip, and I’ve never been a fan of tabloids. Yet, like everyone, when I hear something juicy, I can’t help finding it interesting. We live in a strange time, when anyone can be known and seen around the world.

    I don’t often give to go-fund-me campaigns. They’re unlikely to be scams, but when I give to charity, I try to find an organization that will help solve the problems that most concern me.

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  13. “you do you, boo” I like it Ally. I have to say that’s normally my stance, as you’ll have seen from my shrugs. But the two things happening together made me think it was worth examining a little further. I think your attitude is ultimately the most healthy one, so go you Ms Bean 🙂

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  14. Ha ha Marty! 😀 😀 But we your loyal readers positively *demanded* that you blog about it, and in detail!

    I absolutely loathe the vomit of information on social media (love the term Facebragging btw :D) I’m having to come to terms more with social media as a tool for business purposes, and there’s some personal stuff I will share as it’s relevant to a story I’m telling regarding work. But otherwise…. it’s a big no. As for Himself, he stays resolutely behind the camera!

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  15. Good point on Mr Downey Jr Mark. I tend to agree, everyone deserves a chance to recover from their missteps. I am positively horrified at the baying for the TV presenters to lose their jobs for example. I mean, I have no love for either of them (indeed, I have no strong feelings about either in truth), but losing your ability to earn a living is A Big Thing, and not something I feel “us, the public” have a right to make demands about.

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  16. Yeah, I feel tsk, tsking is an OK stance Nicki, because it’s nothing more than mild disapproval. It’s the escalation I’m witnessing that I find quite mind-boggling.

    As to the donating of go-fund-me stuff, I’m with you. I choose my charity donations with care.


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